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Photo by Alain Hiot
First up, a new band (name TBD) and gig has started up in Addis…it’s a big outfit with both a core group and a rotating cast of Addis-based musicians, Ethiopian and foreign, featuring two guitars, banjo, krar, masenqo, drums, bass, singers, and more. It’s lots of fun and we’re currently playing every Thursday at Mulatu Astatké‘s new jazz club at the Ghion Hotel.

Last month I did a few duo UK shows with Groanbox, and then headed down to France to perform with my Paris-based band. One of the performances in France was at the juried festival Blues-sur-Seine, where we won the Prix Office franco-québecois pour la Jeunesse en France (didn’t realize I still qualified as “young”!). As a result we will be heading to Montréal next August for the Festiblues International de Montréal.

I’ll be back on tour with my brother and Amadou Diagne in the UK in March 2014. The Seznec Bros will be performing in Scotland, England and Wales..dates up soon.

Lastly, I am working with Bud Bodin at Studio La Fugitive in Paris on the final mixes of my album, which I hope to be releasing in early 2014…there should be an album launch party at a venue in Paris in March – details coming soon!

I am now in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, soaking up the local sounds and meeting interesting folks. Check out my blog about my various musical experiences/encounters.
In the meantime I am planning on releasing a batch of recordings under my name sometime in the next couple of months with some fantastic musicians backing me up. Check out my videos page to get a little taste.
In late August, my trio Groanbox will be meeting up in Canada after a long hiatus to work on a new album.
Lastly, despite the change of scenery I’m hoping to maintain some semblance of a tour schedule, so check back here and there for dates!

After a fantastic tour of Scotland with the Seznec Bros (including percussionist Amadou Diagne) and some excellent “solo” shows in England with Amadou and fiddler Marius Pibarot, I’ve got a few more Paris-area gigs before heading off to Ethiopia for a spell…

-May 19 at the musée de la Cité de la musique, then the Bar du Marché in Montreuil
-May 21 at la Péniche Anako, Paris 19ème w/David Evans
-May 25 at le Saint Nicolas, Le Plessis Bouchard w/David Evans
-May 26 at Café MamaKin, Paris 19ème

Joining me for some of the gigs will be my backing band, the Guzoo Doctors: David Chalumeau (harmonica), Thomas Garoche (upright bass), Renaud Ollivier (percussion), and Marius Pibarot (fiddle).

I’ll also be leading the Old Time and Bluegrass Jam one last time on May 28 at la Péniche Demoiselle, Paris 19ème.

All info on the dates page. You can also check out the facebook page

Thanks to all the musicians in France and Britain with whom I’ve played over the past 5 years. It’s been a wonderful whirlwind.

Photo by Gabrielle Savoy
I’ll be in the studio in Paris this month trying to put together a solo album with help from some great musicians. More info on that later…
Otherwise, keep an eye on my dates page for local gigs and upcoming tours. The Seznec Bros will be bumming around Scotland with Senegalese percussionist Amadou Diagne in late April / early May, and right after that I’ll be doing some southern England shows with Amadou…We’ll be getting those shows up on our sites soon, so stay tuned!
Lastly, if you are into Old Time and/or Bluegrass and looking for a jam in Paris, look no further! I’ve started a monthly jam with Sarah Novaro and Marius Pibarot in the 19th on a barge (péniche). Check out our facebook page for more info..